To the Woman in Pursuit

Be careful what you ask of me:
I deify the street at dawn tearstricken
and pull down statues

but only my own

and honestly
just the way you look at a fork
paralyzes me

so I force the sparrows to sing in my place
and roll back my apeface awed
at the height of it all

and maybe I’ll never tell you
but you terrify me

women usually wait for my advance
giving me time to rethink
decide against
and escape

but you
you cornered me with a glance
my shyness only made you stronger
and now every time you leave
you trap my eyes
until I flinch away
no amount of cowardice
will save me

or you

because listen
I want to spare you

have you ever seen 62 kilos
of water, blood and ink

if you chase me inside
color will blast out the windows

it won’t be pretty

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