ALMOST is vivid and almost comic-bookish surrealist autofiction about a baby who has suffered a brain injury and hallucinates nonstop. In this first volume, he exaggerates his own birth and his fearful mother’s encounter with a demented robber into a bouncy phantasmagoria of expressionist weirdnesses and dreamlike capriccios, in which most of the depicted events are both impossible and true. This book is stocked with tricks and traps, gleefully mutating insanity, and the jigs and the jags of the jester’s journey—and it’s all decked out with some of the most pyrotechnic sentences penned this side of the year 2000.

I’m going to sell ALMOST after I’ve completed and polished all four volumes. If you want to read the first volume (28,000 words), just send me an email and I’ll hook you up with a copy. My email is my first and last name but with a doubled “w”